My Closet is ClueLess


If you are familiar with the movie “Clueless” then you are already are like awesome! This gif is my favorite of what my closet and finding something to wear has become. Why? Well I can’t wear what I used to, not only because I am over 40 BUT because my body will never be exactly the same as it was. (kids, menopause)

So what is a girl to do? I read all the blogs of fashion goddesses like The Bag Snob and yes Tina is just as fabulous in person. Luxury Shoppers is another I like to see what the top tier are wearing, Style Scrapbook and of course reading up with Vogue Fashion!

Now how did I come up with this Clueless state of mind? Well it helps when you have a great friend who isn’t afraid to tell you that you need to get your fashion fixed and stop buying things that don’t fit you. So now I venture on a new journey of finding what to wear, how to wear it and look good while wearing it.

Any suggestions? Let me know I am going to start with shoes, shoes always make things better.

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