Yes, You are too Old to Wear That!

It’s the weekend before Halloween, and we all know what lies ahead. . . Women over 40 wearing costumes they simply shouldn’t.  Yes, men may be guilty of this, but not like the hundreds of Victoria Secret Angels, Maids, Kitty Kats, and any other costumes that give women a reason to show some “T and A”.

Shhh, can you hear it?  The multitude of men out there giggling right now saying we should all dress as Cougars since that is what we are?  Yeah, not happening!


Halloween Do

So what do you do? Well, of course you can still be sexy and show a little something something but there is a line and we must not cross it.

Some cute options if you aren’t sure can be Betty Rubble or even Cleopatra where you can look good but not show things that shouldn’t be seen.


Halloween Do

Let’s be honest our stomachs aren’t as tight as they used to be our underarms have some swing to it. The best solution is to make sure we cover all flabby, floppy and wrinkly parts as to not scare off the guests.


Is there an Exception?

There are some celebrities that look better than they did when they were 20 as well as some girls we know that make us look down and shake our heads in awe, BUT for the other 99% of us we simply can’t pull it off.

Chose wisely and remember to be careful posting all of your pictures after a drink too many with it all hanging out, those can’t be unseen or undone.


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