Mission Impossible – What to Wear?

The mission if you choose to accept it . . . dress yourself for a charity event for Emmitt Smith’s charity in his name sake (click here to learn more about the great work they are doing) at a friends home and then a launch of a friends jewelry line the next day.


With my sweetheart before the Emmitt Smith Charity event in a vintage Black dress.

I knew the photographers were going to be there as well as all my friends that would look amazing so the attack of the closet begins. I had literally hundreds of items EVERYWHERE on my bed, bathroom and there was some spewage into the living room.

First up was the Emmitt Smith event which I yet again went for the ‘LBD’ – the Little Black Dress. It is my go to and using a belt helps slim the waist down which is always an added plus and thankfully my man is much taller so I can wear my heels. As usual everyone looked great and I was happy I wore my go to, but lets agree – it was boring. But here is a dress similar from Calvin Klein at Dillards – Classic Black Dress

Next up was the launch of my friends gorgeous jewelry line which you can check out by clicking here!  Her event was over the top great, and there were so many pretty people, I had one of those nights that no matter what I put on I wasn’t feeling it.

pic from britts in dmnWhat did I end up with? Yep black again, but hey it was a jumpsuit at least this time.  Again I need to bring it up a notch so its time to start looking for some new ideas and new directions to spice this up.

The jumpsuit is a Jessica Simpson I found last year at Lord and Taylor – here is a link and its on sale!



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